This website presents a brief summary of my research on my ancestors and their descendants. I would greatly appreciate any additional information or corrections, and would be very pleased to hear from any distant relatives. Thanks. John Burness


Sections of this Website:

  1. Person Pages: These pages provide summary information for over 18,000 people, including links to the family tree charts they appear on. These are sorted by ID number, so it is best to use the Master Index.
  2. Descendant Charts: Family trees of the main lines I am researching. These can be found from the Person Pages, or from the links in the menu at the top of this page.
  3. Scottish Ancestors is a chart of my father's ancestors, all of whom lived in Scotland.
  4. American Ancestors is a chart of my mother's ancestors. They were from Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware in the United States. They emigrated to America from Germany and Ireland, and probably from England and Wales, as well.
  5. Burness One Name Study is another area of my website devoted to my research on the Burness surname and family around the world.


Information on this Website:

  1. The information posted on this website is limited to names and relationships, plus the date and location of birth, marriage, death and burial.
  2. For people born after 1923, only names and relationships are shown.
  3. In many cases, I have extensive additional information, and I am willing to share this with others researching these families, in exchange for whatever additional information they may have.
  4. The information on this website has come from a variety of sources. The reliability of these sources ranges from original documents, such as birth and death certificates, to unverified information obtained fom the internet. As well, some information has come from other researchers, and has not been verified by myself. I will provide details on my sources upon request.