Craig John Burness1,2

     Craig John Burness is the son of John Henry Burness and Mavis Florence Bolderson.2,1


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Craig M. Burness1

     Craig M. Burness is the son of Kent Burness and Norma Kay Brannigan.2

Child of Craig M. Burness and Diana P. Gunther


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Darwin Burness1

     Darwin Burness is the son of James Alexander Hampton Burness and Helen Ruth Howard.1



David J. Burness1

     David J. Burness is the son of John Walter Burness and Olga Irene Tucker.1


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Donald MacArthur Burness

#15945, b. 15 July 1917, d. 26 April 2003
     Donald MacArthur Burness was born on 15 July 1917 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA.1 He was the son of John David Middleton Burness and Lottie Lacey.2 He married Helen Marion Budd, daughter of Elbert Budd and Marie Elizabeth Thistle.3 He died on 26 April 2003 in Rochester, New York, USA, at age 85.4

Child of Donald MacArthur Burness and Helen Marion Budd


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Donald Bayer Burness

     Donald Bayer Burness was the son of Manuel Burness and Frances Sylvia Bloome.1


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Earl L. Burness1

#15949, b. December 1915
     Earl L. Burness was born in December 1915 in Oregon, USA.1


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